Four different payment options
With Manuno you get four different options to assign your various offers and your shop to a payment gateway. As soon as you are approved by DIBS we install payment as part of your social business.

  • DIBS - credit card payment
  • SWIPP - bank to bank payment
  • MobilePay
  • Transfer


You probably know already. Many of the customers who come into your store, checked you out online.
Sales modules from Social Time helps you create a vibrant company page with lots of “must-have” content for your Facebook fans.
When I now still working to make the company page to something special, why not make a shop?
That way you can reach many more and make new fans without regard to geography. With E-Commerce module comes in quickly starting to create more business in an easy and user-friendly way.


Should your fans have the coupons? The module vouchers from Social Time is for people who want to spoil the store’s faithful and loyal fans with exclusive coupons that provide special prices on selected goods or services.
Maybe plan in a long term campaign where vouchers are included as trading stamps that can be redeemed for specific products or services for a limited period of time? The variations are many and discounted module determines yourselves how activities should be put together, so I give the store a boost and get new fans who dare not skip.


Quizzes are family with competitions as quizzes are also a form of dialogue between your business and the fans out of the screen. Often you can using a quiz get some information from your fans on discreet and honest. Information that you can use in future marketing. Perhaps there are parts of the business, as you can clearly sense the interests some segments over others.
Quizzes can be an indicator of what parts of the business that performs optimally and where you would benefit from improving efforts to get the best relationships with your fans.
Social Times quiz module gives you important information about the business in a fun and different way.


Do store’s Facebook page for a dynamic place where your fans can battle against each other for exclusive offers favorable and surprising prices.
Auctions are particularly suitable when you want to spice company page a bit and give your fans a chance to win thrilling auctions in an exciting way making them loyal customers.
With bidding module from Social Time we “cheated” a little and done the hard work for you so that you can concentrate on finding adventure for fans of the company Facebook page.


Do you want your fans to be engaged and help to shape the company, for example, relevant photos, proposals for new product names or ideas in general, Social Times competition module is a good choice. It provides participants a bit to be in a competition that you decide the content. Competitions are also an ideal activity if you want to raise awareness of the company page or build your mailing list and reach more potential customers.


Offers module from is for you to understand the value of giving the store's fans and followers a good offer. On the way you increase sales and make sure that those who follow you on facebook get something extra for their time. You decide whether your offer must be exceptional strong offering or part of a longer campaign with multiple offers.

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