When did you last sat at the keys and held their breath seconds are up for auction?

Auctions are thrilling and highly addictive! Therefore, the auction module from Manuno particularly effective when it comes to engage your followers and turn them into loyal customers.

Making auctions on your social media is easy with Manuno – all you need to do is decide on what needs to be under the hammer, then go about it soon escalated.


• See preview
• View active auctions
• Number of Views
• Headline
• Text
• Number (real one)
• Grading add contact picture


• Sales Method
• Start Price DKK
• Increase
• Automatic gain (determined by the system)
• Fixed increase DKK
• buy now price £
• Payment terms
• Payment Method
• Shipping
• Delivery Costs
• Active from (
• Active through ( auction’s end date is always included
• Bidding Terms and Conditions
• Auto Repeat
• Repeat auction + – time (s), if the item is not sold

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